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July, 2006
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Poverty as Guru of Life

On the Path Toward Peace
and Justice

The School of Peace Report
by Favor Bancin
by Phra Paison Visalo
by Max Ediger
In this article, Favor Bancin shares some of the learnings about poverties he gained from the School of Peace. He emphasizes the need to learn from those facing poverties rather than simply try to "help" them

"No one would doubt the role of religion in social healing. Religion may serve as an important pillar to help ‘stabilize’ life. It has given a sense of direction to many people’s lives. It has made them confident in their identities, and has given them security and a modicum of happiness amidst troubling and complex social currents. As such, religion has helped alleviate the mental sufferings of a great number of people in a way modern institutions will never be able to do."

Read more of Phra Paison's reflections in this article

This is the full report on the School of Peace held in Bangalore, India from February to May, 2006.
The School of Peace Background
by Max Ediger
This article gives more background on the School of Peace
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