February 2009

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites

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ICF News
Report on Sri Lanka APAY meeting
Report on Nepal SOS

Sri Lanka
Intro to SL conflict
Link to SL website – regularly updated information on the unfolded crisis in Sri Lanka
"A Statement of Concern from the Asian Centre"
"Sri Lanka SCCDOCGM letter"

Intro to Burma conflict
"Karen voices on resettlement"
"Difficult to remain: the impact of mass resettlement"
"From resistance to refugees and resettlement: the Karen struggle for self-determination and survival"

Mindanao mass rally manifesto
Mindanao IDPs article

"Interfaith Peacebuiding in Cambodia:
Understanding Interfaith Issues as a Way To Strengthen Peaceful Interfaith Coexistence and Cooperation"
– thesis by Seang Samnang

Interfaith dialogue
"Muslims in Arab Gulf can reach out" (link)
Ecumenical leader expresses concern for innocent civilians (link)

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