April 2009

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites

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Tamil civilians slaughtered as army shells "no-fire zone''
From The Observer, 19 April
Dead and maimed civilians defy the integrity of the 'no-fire zone' in northern Sri Lankan. The government denies involvement in shelling and tries to silence doctors on the frontlines who, nevertheless, speak out.

Crisis in Sri Lanka
From International Crisis Group, 20 April 2009
Statement by the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group meeting April 18-19 in Washington, DC.

Thailand's bloody Muslim insurgency deeply rooted
From Associated Press, 18 April 2009
While Thai authorities are preoccupied with riots in the capital, a five-year-old Muslim uprising in the south of the country is intensifying, and Thailand's troubled government and army are at odds about how to deal with it.

Sharing the core of our beliefs
From Common Grounds News Service, 31 March 2009
Obama emphasizes commonality between Western and Islamic values.

Islamic feminists distinguish Islam from Muslims
From Common Grounds News Service, 31 March 2009
Those who study the Qur'an know that Islam elevated the rights of women beyond anything known in the pre-Islamic world. That said, Muslims who codified the Qur'an and Hadith into Islamic law did not succeed in expunging the patriarchy of the pre-Islamic world from their practices.

What the Middle East can learn from Southeast Asia
From Common Grounds News Service, 31 March 2009
The pluralism of South East Asia provides a fresh way of looking at interfaith relations in the Middle East.

Islam and contemporary issues
From Two Circles.net, 5 April 2009
Asghar Ali Engineer calls Islam to its highest Qur'anic standards.

Korean Common Prayer
April 2009
Written jointly by the National Council of Churches in Korea and the Korean Christian Federation, calling for unity between North and South.


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