June 2009

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites

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Mindanao Peoples Caucus Statement: STOP THE FOOD BLOCKADE!
31 May 2009
Concerning IDPs in Mindanao, Philippines, the MPC condemns the government’s practice of blocking humanitarian assistance to the evacuees. Just as justice delayed is justice denied, food delayed is food denied
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Statement by the National Council of Churches in the Philippines on the inclusion of the NCCP in the Order of Battle
June 2009
The NCCP has been unjustly named an Enemy of the State of the Philippines
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Statement by Karen Community Based Organizations on SPDC-DKBA Offensive
17 June 2009
The Burmese military attacks its own people in order to secure power in 2010
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Arming of Civilians and Firearms Proliferation Exacerbates Polarization in Southern Thailand
From Nonviolence International Southeast Asia, 15 June 2009
Government should end the creation of armed civilian defense volunteer forces and the supply of firearms to civilians in Southern Thailand.

Southern Thailand Still Far Away From… Peace
By Mr. Usman Masang, May 2009
If the Thai government continues to use the military system to control southern Thailand and never punishes any human rights violations made by military personnel or other government officials, the truth will remain hidden
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Indonesian traditions of peace at work in Poso
From Common Grounds News Service, 26 May 2009
When most Indonesians think of Poso, they think of the inter-religious conflict between Muslims and Christians in 1998. Since then, the inhabitants of Poso have successfully undertaken different initiatives to restore peace and re-integrate the conflicting communities.


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