November 2009

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites

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ICF Organic Farming Workshop
This article is a reflection from Bruce Van Voorhis from his time at a workshop to learn about organic farming. Through his experience learning the ideas behind farming techniques, the benefits, a bit of history and practical skills, he gained much more than a lesson on farming.
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Relations With Other Faiths is an organization out of Australia working to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. The November newsletter has many new resources. For more information, see their website:

Interfaith scripture readings invite personal reflection
This article explores the benefits of being in dialogue with those who come from different backgrounds and faiths for one's own personal growth. As a graduate student, Nermeen Mouftah, found a way to encounter different religious texts and to begin to ask new questions of his own.

The Upside Down Kingdom
Larry Alderfer Fisher
In this article, Larry Alderfer Fisher writes about the idea of the ethic of Jesus and how it may look different than many Christians are willing to think.
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Ecumenical Forum for Korea
The Ecumenical Forum for Korea is a group that is working cooperatively throughout North and South Korea to bring together churches and church leaders for conversations and actions towards a peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Blasphemy Law, a Tool of Oppression
In this article the the ways in which a state unintentionally institutionalizes and allows oppression are observed through the Pakistani constitution.
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