August 2010

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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Strains of Hope
Calah Schlabach
The author is a Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) intern based in Vietnam who met Kipho at the School of Peace (SOP) that was conducted by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) in Bangalore, India, earlier this year. Through this profile, she shares the young life of a Karen man who was born and who has lived all of his life in a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border. [Read more]

Behind the Posters for Peace
Jaruwan Supolrai
Writing for the ASEAN Youth Movement (AYM) web site, the author shares the artwork of six of the participants of the Poster for Peace Workshop at the 2010 School of Peace (SOP) held in Bangalore, India, by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF). Most importantly, the author’s interviews with these participants also share the message and issues in Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand and the Philippines that inspired their creative endeavors. The posters and interviews are available online at

Religious Freedom Is Still a Dream in Indonesia
Interfaith Cooperation Forum
This statement by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF), which seeks to uphold the right of all people in Indonesia to practice the religious faith of their choice, was issued in response to attacks on the Ahmadiyya and Christian communities in June and July this year. While democratization in Indonesia has made impressive strides since Suharto was forced to relinquish power in 1998, the protection of the rights of the country’s religious minorities is one issue that must be addressed by the government to complete this process. [Read more]

Putting Minority Rights in Context
Asghar Ali Engineer
Threats to the rights of minorities, especially religious minorities, is a topic that constantly confronts people today regardless of the faith and regardless of the country. In this article, a well-known Islamic scholar in Asia shares his views about the protection of religious minorities based on the teachings of his faith. [Read more]

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws Need Reforming
Huma Yusuf
An attack on an Ahmadi mosque in May in Pakistan once again begs for the reform of the country’s blasphemy laws, according to the author. Sadly, this incident is not the first time that Pakistan’s religious minorities have experienced violence and discrimination. [Read more]

Malaysia Moving Forward in Matters of Islam and Women
Marina Mahathir
The author explains why Muslim women in Malaysia are celebrating the appointment of two women to the country’s syariah courts. [Read more]

Visual Tools for Human Rights Education
Youth for Human Rights
The group Youth for Human Rights has provided short and creative online video descriptions of 30 human rights, including both civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights. The videos can be viewed at