February 2011

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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ICF Working Committee Holds First Meeting with National Coordinators
Bruce Van Voorhis
A new layer was added to the structure of Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) late last year—national coordinators—to strengthen the work of ICF’s regional network at the national level. After being selected in their countries by their fellow School of Peace (SOP) alumni, they joined the ICF working committee members, staff and project holders in the Philippines for a three-day meeting in February to review the work of ICF in 2010 and to plan future activities over the next four years. [Read more]

Responding to Intolerance with Tolerance: Indonesia’s Ahmadiyyah Community Speaks
Zafrullah Pontoh
At a press conference on Feb. 6 in Jakarta after the most recent attack on the Ahmadiyyah community in Indonesia, the press secretary of Ahmadiyyah Indonesia outlines what occurred during the latest fatal outburst of hostility against their community that day and how it continues a trend of intolerance in the country. [Read more]

Stop Violence in the Name of Religion Now!
Civil Society Network for Gender Equality and Pluralism
In response to the violent attacks against the Ahmadiyyah and Christians in Indonesia at the beginning of February, a network of organizations and individuals in the country and abroad issued a statement on Feb. 9 in Jakarta condemning these deadly acts done ostensibly on the basis of religion. [Read more]

  Religious Violence in Indonesia Result of Authorities’ Consent in Past Cases
Asian Human Rights Commission
Human rights violations can be caused as much by the failure of the government to take action as they can by the actions of the government as is clearly explained in this statement on Feb. 8 by a regional human rights organization in Hong Kong about recent violence against religious minorities in Indonesia. [Read more]

It Hurts, But We Can Face It
Kristi Thie
An Indonesian participant of the three-week School of Peace (SOP) conducted by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) and the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) last year in Sri Lanka questions the divisions in her country in the wake of attacks on religious minorities in early February and offers a prescription and a prayer for mending these broken relationships. [Read more]

A refugee poet from Burma living on the border in Thailand eloquently describes the realities of life in his homeland and what should be done to change those realities. [Read more]