March 2011

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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  Junta Launches Covert Dam Offensive in Karenni State
Karenni Development Research Group
Karenni researchers have now discovered their people will not only be displaced and suffer because of the fighting and human rights violations in Burma but also through another form of violence—“development.” [Read more]

 The Pakistanization of Indonesia?
Moh Yasir Alim
The writer compares the laws, policies and attitudes of government officials in Pakistan with those in Indonesia and foresees a dangerous and violent future for his country. [Read more]

 The Ahmadiyyah Religion
Anick Hamim Thohari
In Indonesia, where society has experienced both recent and past violent incidents of religious intolerance despite constitutional and legal safeguards protecting freedom of religion, there have been calls by political and religious leaders of the country to make the Ahmadiyyah, a sect of Islam, a separate religion. The author, a Muslim and 2007 School of Peace (SOP) alumni, explains why this proposal would not end the violence against Indonesia’s religious minorities and would not honor the religious rights of all Indonesians. [Read more]

  Rule by Violence in Indonesia
Asian Human Rights Commission
Another month and another attack in Indonesia against those promoting religious tolerance in the country occurred. Following violence against the Ahmadiyyah and Christian communities in Indonesia in February, the office of an organization in Jakarta that advocates religious pluralism was the target of a bomb attack on March 15. [Read more]

  Calls for Solidarity for Displaced Villagers in Indonesia
Friends of the Earth International
Villagers in Central Sulawesi are being offered compensation equivalent to the price of a pound of rice for a square meter of their productive land, forests and water resources. Moreover, the security forces are protecting the interests of influential politicians and businessmen instead of the local people. [Read more]

  Let Ourselves Rest, Let the Universe Rest
Kristi Thie
A Hindu holiday in Indonesia causes a Christian pastor to reflect on her own faith, the gift of rest and what it means for relationships with people and the land. [Read more]

  Israeli and Palestinian Victims Break Cycle of Violence
Robi Damelin
Those who have experienced the pain of losing a loved one to violence in a conflict can speak with the most authority for reconciliation between opposing sides in a deadly debate and so it is with this Israeli author who has lost a son. [Read more]

  Book Tells Stories, Shares Lives and Illuminates Issues
One of the best ways to learn about social, economic and political issues and to motivate people to act on them is through the stories of people’s lives. The book Differences by ICF coordinator Max Ediger seeks to achieve this aim through a series of short stories, most of which are based on the life experiences of people in Thailand and Burma. [Read more]