June 2011

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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  A Family and a War
Laxmi Pathak
War, whether it is a civil war or a war with another country, destroys lives, property, economies and often hope. It does not resolve though the causes of the war. The end of one war merely plants the seeds for the next war. In this article, the author, an alumni of the 2008 School of Peace (SOP) in Bangalore, India, shares how Nepal’s civil war has ruined the lives of a happy, self-sufficient family. [Read more]

 Religious Leaders from Cambodia and Thailand United in Calling on All, Especially Governments, to Use Religious Principles for Resolving Conflict
In response to the most recent tension and violence along the Thai-Cambodian border that erupted in February 2011, leaders of Buddhism and other faiths from the two countries participated in dialogue and advocacy for peace on May 31 in Bangkok. In their joint communique, the participants from both countries note the failure thus far of the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to resolve the conflict and instead they call for dialogue between all parties based on the values of Buddhism and other religious faiths. [Read more]

 Reflections on an Interfaith Dialogue for Peace between Cambodia and Thailand
Paddy Noble
Buddhists and other people of faith from Cambodia and Thailand gathered in Bangkok on May 31 to discuss the border conflict between the two countries at a meeting organized by the World Conference of Religions for Peace (Religions for Peace International), the Interreligious Council of Cambodia and the Religions for Peace Interreligious Council of Thailand and its secretariat at the Mahidol University Research Center for Peacebuilding. The author, a Christian staff member of Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) living in Cambodia, shares his reflections of this assembly of people seeking peace. [Read more]

  Hope of the Next Generation
Saw Mort
A 2007 School of Peace (SOP) alumni living and working in the Burmese refugee camps in Thailand shares the struggles and determination of Burma’s children to attain an education in this reflection about their lives and his work to assist them. [Read more]

  Child Slavery in Pakistan: 20,000 Children with Small Heads Are Run by the Shrines for Beggary
Malik Ayub Sumbal
In an article circulated by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in Hong Kong, the author describes the extraordinary abuse of children in the name of religion in Pakistan as well as the practice of child trafficking. [Read more]

  2011 Global Peace Index: World Less Peaceful
Institute for Economics and Peace
An international peace research center has released its annual Global Peace Index, or GPI. In a press release accompanying the announcement of this year’s index results, the institute notes that world peace has deteriorated for the third consecutive year, a drop that is “strongly tied to conflict between citizens and their governments.” [Read more]