November 2011

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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Hor Hen
In this article, the author expresses his ideas about the meaning of patriotism that are rooted in his experiences in Cambodia and the principles of independence of a nation. [Read more]

 The Pain of Modern Agriculture for Farmers
Shreeram Chaudhary
Based on his knowledge acquired through living in a rural area of Nepal, the author explains the hardships created for farmers by modern agricultural practices promoted by multinational companies and the negative impact it has had on food production in his community, especially when compared to the traditional, organic methods of the past. [Read more]

 A Single Mother’s Battle with Her Unborn Child in Pakistan
Baseer Naweed
Through the ordeal and courage of Uzma Ayub, whose rape allegedly by policemen and a solider produced a yet unborn child, the author illustrates the status of both women and injustice in Pakistan. [Read more]

  China to Create Law-Abiding ‘Model Monastery’ in TAR
Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy
Since March 2008 when demonstrations and riots took place in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) and other parts of the country in protest against Chinese government polices toward Tibetans, the TAR and other predominantly Tibetan areas have been tense with the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) listing 12 Tibetans as self-immolating themselves in protest between Feb. 27, 2009, and Nov. 14, 2011. In response, the Chinese government has sought to defuse and control the situation through patriotic re-education campaigns among Tibetan monks and nuns, most recently by introducing a “Model Monastery” award. [Read more]

 The Church of the Poor Is Not Visible
Desmond de Sousa, CSsR
The author reminds the Catholic Church and its followers of the history of engagement of the Church with those living on the socio-economic margins of society, challenging them “to see reality through the eyes of the poor because God sees reality that way, and faith means to see reality through God’s eyes.” [Read more]

 Correcting Others by ‘Advising,’ Not ‘Condemning’
The Blogger
The author conveys ways to share advice with others based on the teachings of Islam. These suggestions naturally have implications for relationships between people but also between people of different faiths, cultures, races and nations. [Read more]

 Online Tools Enriching the Study of Sacred Text
Matthew L. Skinner and Joshua M. Z. Stanton
The authors note how technology is being utilized to encourage online conversations about the sacred texts of some of the world’s major faiths as a way to enrich understanding of one’s own faith and that of others. [Read more]

  A Prayer for National Peace and Reconciliation in the Philippines
Dann Pantoja
This prayer is offered in the context of the Philippines, a country that has witnessed too many decades of tension and conflict between people of different social strata, ethnicities and religions. [Read more]