March 2011

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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 Cambodia’s Corruption Epidemic
Hor Hen
Based on his own experiences and those of others, the author shares about the multifaceted ways in which corruption is embedded in the fabric of society and daily life of people in Cambodia. His illustrations and reflections point toward what this current reality means for the future of the country. [Read more]

 One Interfaith Workshop Leads to Another
Bruce Van Voorhis
The February issue of faith and peace summarized a workshop conducted by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) in Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Orissa, from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, 2012, that was held in the wake of violence in the past few years in the state’s Kandhamal District that has been popularly associated with religion. Three participants from this workshop returned to their homes in Kandhamal and organized a one-day interfaith workshop in their village to share with others what they had learned in Bhubaneswar. [Read more]

 By-Elections Must Not Be Seen as Benchmark of Reform in Burma
Burma Partnership
While many government leaders around the world and other observers are extolling the political changes taking place in Burma as the upcoming by-elections with their participation by Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy (NLD) approach on April 1, the organization authoring this article advises caution with only 7 percent of Parliament’s seats being contested, thus ensuring the continuing domination of the military in the political life of the nation. [Read more]

  Burma Army Soldiers Disrupt Christian Conference, Threaten MP at Gunpoint in Chin State
Chin Human Rights Organization
Although Burma’s Constitution of 2008 grants religious freedom to its citizens and recognizes Christianity as a religion in the country, these constitutional provisions did not protect Chin Christians from being harassed and the disruption of a meeting they organized in March. In spite of pronouncements of reform in the country, the attitude of the soldiers expressed in the article indicates who officers in the field believe is in charge of Burma. [Read more]

 Killing Our Anger
Beh Reh
This story shared by a Karenni man in Burma in Our Stories, Our Challenges: The Search for JustPeace in Asia Today—the first book jointly produced by the Center for JustPeace in Asia (CJPA) and Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF)—recalls how a potentially violent, or even deadly, situation was diffused with wisdom. [Read more]

  Honor Killing in Pakistan: A Reckless Practice of Culture
Rabab Fizah
The author points out that honor killings, or karo-kari, in Pakistan are a product of the country’s tribal and feudal culture rather than a practice sanctioned by the nation’s predominant religion of Islam and that the State has been ineffective in utilizing Pakistan’s legislative and judicial institutions to stop these culturally sanctioned murders whose primary target is women. [Read more]

 Indonesia TV Drama Challenges Extremism in Prisons and Living Rooms
Suci Haryati
In the religiously diverse country of Indonesia, the author explains the way in which football, or soccer, is being employed through the medium of television to raise questions about diversity and the use of cooperation, instead of violence, to bridge people’s differences. [Read more]

  Faith and Peace Newsletter - February 2012
Due to some technical errors, some people did not receive the February issue of Faith and Peace Newsletter. Instead of resending the issue, we are making it available through this link here