April 2011

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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 Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka Prevent Friday Prayers at Mosque
National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka
A mob led by Buddhist monks forcibly entered the mosque in the Sri Lankan community of Dambulla on April 20, 2012, and prevented regular Friday prayers, claiming that the mosque was built on sacred Buddhist ground. In response, a Christian organization in the country issued this appeal on April 25. [Read more]

 Youth Expedition 2012—Kilinochchi: Moving from Tolerance to Acceptance to Engagement
Ebenezer Dharshan
In the aftermath of Sri Lanka’s decades of civil war, the author explains an initiative to bring together Singhalese and Tamil youth to experience each other as human beings and not stereotypes. [Read more]

 Youth and Students Engagement in Peace: Building through Dialogue
Bipul Alite Gonsalves
The author promotes dialogue in his native Bangladesh as a means to overcome divisions in society, especially those of religion, that are manipulated for non-religious purposes. He emphasizes this tool in particular for young people, for it offers a way to build a better future, one that is rooted in justpeace. [Read more]

  How Many More Kamrans Need to Die in the Quest for Education in Pakistan?
Asian Human Rights Commission
The suicide of a boy because his parents could not afford a school uniform for him speaks vigorously about the poverty of Pakistan’s people and the priorities of its government. [Read more]

 Polishing Shoes for Communal Harmony in India and Pakistan
Sabur Ali Sayyid
The author describes a public act of humility by a public figure from Pakistan while visiting India and concludes with a series of prescriptions to build bridges between the two South Asian rival nations and the predominant faiths of their countries. [Read more]

  International Religion Reporting Gets a Boost
Ruth Eglash
The author, a participant at an international gathering of journalists who regularly report on religion, describes the formation of a new international association dedicated to better reporting on this important topic in the world’s media. Its impact will naturally be determined by its influence on fair and balanced reporting of all faiths in the years ahead. [Read more]

 Breaking Barriers through Sports
Bruce Van Voorhis
Volleyball is not only a sport but a means to bring together two faith communities in India which had been attacking each other a few years previously. By assembling teams with members from both faith communities, the organizers of the matches created an environment for Hindus and Christians to work together instead of working against each other. [Read more]