December 2012

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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►  Working for Cambodia’s Democracy
Hor Hen
The author notes the barriers to a functioning democratic system in his country and outlines the benefits for people’s lives if they truly did enjoy democracy. [Read more]

►  Children in Cambodia: Growing Up Fast
You Saravuth and Hor Hen
Through a series of several short stories, the author quickly illustrates the lives of many children in Cambodia where childhood does not last long. [Read more]

  The Reign of Terror
Rev. Fr. S. V. B. Mangalarajah
Several incidents in November 2012 in the Jaffna Peninsula in the North of Sri Lanka are further manifestations of the second-class status of Tamils in this country. Rather than seeking reconciliation after winning the country’s civil war in 2009, the Sri Lankan government seems instead to favor further acts of repression. The author furthermore points out the failings of the international community in the last months of the war that have continued into the postwar period. [Read more]

►  Violent Crackdown against Buddhist Monks, New Regime with an Old Method
Burma Partnership
The attack in the middle of the night on Nov. 29, 2012, on sleeping Buddhist monks and local farmers who had been protesting against the Letpadaung copper project in Burma for three months is yet another example of violence engendered by development by those in power who refuse to give a voice to those who are most affected by a project. The police violence also affirms the views of those who believe that little has changed in Burma except the rhetoric. [Read more]

  A Letter from Prison
Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie
The writer is a human rights defender from Sulu in the southern Philippines who is facing what are believed to be fabricated murder charges in a prison in the Mindanao city of Davao because of his work to uphold people’s rights. His letter was written on Dec. 9, a day before International Human Rights Day. [Read more]

►  Christmas Message
Joint Advocacy Initiative
For those living today in the land of Jesus’ birth, his message of hope is a constant mirage that comes and goes with the violence and discrimination regularly faced by the Palestinian people. The story indicates one initiative though by the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) that serves “as a visual reminder to the world that hope cannot be killed.” [Read more]