January 2013

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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►  We Are Pakistanis, Not Minorities
Daud Malik
Since the early years of its founding in 1947, people in Pakistan who are not Muslims have complained that they are not treated as legitimate citizens of the country. The author outlines the history of this issue and offers a number of ways in which one’s religious identity does not lead to the marginalization of one’s political participation. [Read more]

►  The Rape of a 6-Year-Old Girl and the Negligence of the Police and Doctors in Pakistan
Abbas Kassar
Another case of violence against a girl from a minority community in Pakistan—this time against a Hindu child—once again underscores the vulnerability of minorities in the country, especially against the most vulnerable of the vulnerable—girls and women—and illustrates afresh the apathy and inaction of the police and doctors toward victims and their families, creating conditions for only more victims in the future. [Read more]

  A Letter from Prison
Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie
On the first anniversary of his arrest—Jan. 14, 2013—this human rights defender from Sulu in the southern Philippines shares the events of that fateful night when he was imprisoned and his thoughts from his cell in the past 12 months. His case illustrates how people with power in the Philippines seek to silence those who challenge their authority. This is the second letter from prison by Temogen “Cocoy” Tulawie that faith and peace has recently published (see the first letter in observance of International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10 in the December 2012 issue at http://daga.org/icf/faithpeace/2012/121231e.htm). [Read more]

►  Torture Victims in the Philippines Speak Out: ‘Under Torture, I Thought I Was Dead’
Asian Human Rights Commission
Like previous interviews in this series that documents the experiences of torture victims and their families in the Philippines, this interview involves an ordinary person in society, a laborer in a public market in General Santos City in Mindanao in the southern part of the country, not a political activist or critic of the government or vocal opponent of the economic elite. What he shares with others who have been interviewed, however, is that he is poor. [Read more]

  ‘I Will Not Kill Any Living Thing’
Thaw Reh
During the School of Peace (SOP) in 2007 that Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) conducted in Bangalore, India, the author compared the story of a dying monk with those who deny the dignity and value of life in his homeland of Burma. His story appeared in the book Our Stories, Our Challenges: The Search for JustPeace in Asia Today published by ICF and the Center for JustPeace in Asia (CJPA). [Read more]

►  Using Islam to End Violence against Women
Nihal Magdy
In non-Muslim communities around the world, many people have the perception that Islam promotes a denial of women’s rights or even violence toward them. The author, however, explains why these views are misconceived. [Read more]

►  Wit and Wisdom of Our Guru, Fr. Tissa Balasuriya
Dr. Leonard Pinto
Asia lost one of its foremost Catholic theologians and intellectual-activists when Fr. Tissa Balasuriya left his life in this world on Jan. 16, 2013, in Colombo. One of his former students in Sri Lanka recalls the life of his teacher and the intellectual and spiritual wisdom he shared with others during his life. [Read more]