February 2013

Doctrine Divides, Action Unites



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►  Education and Street Children in Cambodia
Sopharak Hem
His involvement with a program conducted by the YMCA in Phnom Penh opened the eyes of the author to the lives of street children and child labor in his country and an important missing element of their childhood—an education. [Read more]

►   City of Religious Conflict Hosts ICF Human Rights Workshop in Indonesia
Bruce Van Voorhis
As part of a process to develop some of its School of Peace (SOP) alumni as resource people, Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) held its second human rights training workshop in February 2013 in the Indonesian city of Solo in Central Java—a community that has periodically experienced violence between its Muslim and Christian citizens. [Read more]

►   He’d Nail the Coffin so We Could Have a New Lanka—Post 2013
Kusal Perera
Sri Lanka celebrated its 65th year of independence from Britain on Feb. 4. Rather than feeling liberated today, the author recounts the ways over more than six decades that the Tamil people and other minorities in the country have had their rights and dignity denied to them, thus leaving them with little to cheer about their “freedom.” [Read more]

►   Evolutionary Decline and the Ascent of Human Resilience in Sri Lanka
Bishop Duleep de Chickera
In this Lenten reflection, an Anglican bishop notes the national decay of his country over the course of its years of independence since 1948. This evolutionary decline, however, produces a reaction, he notes, in the form of people’s resistance that becomes contagious and fosters solidarity—a process that offers freedom for everyone. [Read more]

►   ‘Sinhalabuddhism’ in Sri Lanka
Sharmini Serasinghe
The author, a follower of Buddhism who takes her faith seriously, is disappointed and disturbed by the way in which Buddhism is mindlessly practiced by people in her country and manipulated by its politicians. She concludes her article by offering a prescription that would not only better educate Buddhists about their faith but also the faiths of others as a way to construct a more peaceful Sri Lanka. [Read more]

►   Looking Back: Three Questions for Islamists
Mustafa Husayn Abu Rumman
Written a number of months after the Arab Spring erupted in North Africa and the Middle East, the questions posed by the author are as relevant today as they were two years ago and for all parts of the world and all faiths. [Read more]

►   Nigerian Imam Equips Muslims to Address Extremism
Maggie Siddiqi
Through surveys, research and training programs based on them, M. Nuruddeen Lemu and the Islamic Education Trust in Nigeria are working to educate Muslims about their faith—an effort that offers an example to others in similar contexts around the world where people who engage in violence in the name of Islam make headlines but deviate from their faith and create confusion about Islam in the process. The work of Lemu and his organization seeks to reclaim their faith from those who abuse or misuse it. [Read more]