Doctrine divides, Action unites


  March 2014

The artwork of Karen children living in a refugee camp in Thailand expresses their current life and their hopes and dreams for the future. (Drawing by Saw Win)


A Drawing Tells a Thousand Stories
Saw Mort

The author, a Karen activist from Burma living and working in a refugee camp in Thailand, explains how art can be promoted to encourage children to think more deeply about their lives and their identity and to share their reflections in their drawings. Through this process, these young artists can be advocates for peace, he says, and can become part of the movement for transformation of both their lives and their society. [Read more]

The People’s Story: A Woman in a Conflict Area in Burma
Saw Mort

Born in Burma, the author is a Karen refugee who has lived in a camp in Thailand since he was a child. Returning recently to his homeland, he recorded the struggles and hardships of a Karen woman seeking to have a normal life in an area controlled by the military. [Read more]

Facilitating Hate from the Highest Levels of Power
Burma Partnership

The article underlines the continuing repression facing the predominantly Muslim Rohingya community in Burma and new proposals of the government that, instead of addressing this tension and violence, will inflame them. Moreover, these developments are occurring as a nationwide census begins that holds the potential to further strain the country’s interfaith and ethnic relationships. [Read more]

Arrested Union Leader in Cambodia Speaks from Prison
Vorn Pao

In December last year, violence against garment workers began after Cambodian unions called a national strike to demand an increase in the minimum wage to US$160 per month. As protests continued, the police and military responded with two days of violence beginning on Jan. 2 that killed at least four people and injured almost 40 others. Among the 23 people who were arrested at the time was Vorn Pao, a union leader of the Independent Democratic Informal Economy Association (IDEA). In February, he smuggled a letter out of prison. [Read more]

Prisoner of Clear Conscience
Goshul Lobsang

The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) located in Dharamsala, India, obtained a copy of this note written by Goshul Lobsang in September 2012 when he was in prison. Goshul shared this note with a select group of friends on March 1, 2014, shortly before he died on March 19 after being released from prison several months earlier on Nov. 29, 2013. [Read more]

Individualizing Traditional Values Fails to Break the Chain of Poverty in South Korea
Asian Human Rights Commission

In the affluent society of South Korea, it was reported that a 61-year-old mother and her daughters committed suicide in February because of their poverty and their belief that they had no other options. To erase this national shame, the article explains a means to alter the trend of elderly suicides in the country, but it will require a cultural shift as well as better government policies and laws. [Read more]



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