Doctrine divides, Action unites


  May 2014

Indigenous Karen people in Thailand meet together in the forest to discuss how to preserve this natural resource that sustains their life and culture. (Photo by Kipho Mora)


Indigenous Karen Protect Thai Forest
Kipho Mora

Preservation or degradation, injustice or development—these are the opposing perceptions of people who have lived and survived in Thailand’s forests for generations vs. those from outside the community who equate natural resources with wealth in this Karen author’s article. [Read more]

Aid Should Support the People, Not the Government in Burma
Zoya Phan

As governments around the world rapidly ease or eliminate sanctions on Burma and as corporations rush to invest in the country, the author cautions that, while changes have occurred in the past few years, the government still has not fully embraced the protection of people’s human rights nor is a fully functioning democracy in place, and thus, the international community should react more carefully and wisely. Among her concerns is the distribution of international aid to organizations supportive of the government’s agenda at the expense of those promoting the rights of the people. [Read more]

Life of a Village Girl in Bangladesh
Mahbuba Parvin Mony

Living in a rural village of Bangladesh is not easy for young women. The life of Mukta explains why. [Read more]

Manbir Stops Playing Cards and Gambling
Santosh Kumar Yadav

The organization Samaj Sewa noted that men in the Nepalese village of Manikapur in Banke District had a habit of playing cards and gambling that was having negative social consequences in the community as it was creating economic crises among families, promoting domestic violence and even inspiring children to play cards instead of study. After a one-day campaign on April 13 to encourage the men of Manikapur to end their practice of playing cards and gambling, one 65-year-old member of the community, Manbir BK, did just that: he gave up his habit of almost 20 years. He began to ask himself a series of questions: what is my role in the community, and what are the effects of my card-playing on women, children and others in the community? His answers led him to change his behavior. [Read more]

Unfortunate Minas
Shree Ram Chaudhary and Bhagi Ram Chaudhary

From 1996 to 2006, the People’s War launched by the Maoists engulfed Nepal. This war reached Dang District in November 2001, resulting in years of hardship for the people. Recently, the Society for Environment Education Development (SEED) published the book Sighs of the Conflict: Impact, Coping Mechanisms and Rebuilding of Lives in Dang to recount the stories of the victims of this conflict in the district. This story is the tragedy of one family. [Read more]

Legitimizing Misogyny in Pakistan
Marvi Sirmed

The author explains not only a recent controversial ruling of an Islamic institution in Pakistan concerning women but also notes the power that conservative Islamic leaders have wielded over political as well as social policy in the country. [Read more]

Government’s Failure Leads to a Pregnant Woman Being Stoned to Death
Asian Human Rights Commission

The brutal and fatal stoning of Farzana Parveen Iqbal by members of her family outside of a court in Lahore, Pakistan, is well known around the world and is unfortunately not the first so-called honor killing in the country. This article explains the underlying institutional causes of her death and why others will suffer the same fate if changes are not made. [Read more]

No More Child Brides in Pakistan! Bravo Sindh Assembly
Bushra Khaliq

The previous article offered a critique of the positions of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in Pakistan. This article describes legislative action that has been taken to counter one of the CII’s most recent controversial decisions in at least one province of the country. [Read more]

Andrea and Diona: A Heart-Wrenching Story
Bagong Alyansang Makabayan

Andrea Rosal, who was arrested on March 27 in the Philippines when she was seven months pregnant, gave birth to a baby girl, Diona, on May17, who tragically passed away a day later due to respiratory problems. This story is based on an interview with Andrea less than 24 hours later and with one of her physicians. [Read more]



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