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  June 2014

Children labor in Nepal because an education offers little hope to them for a better future.
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Nepal’s Poor Educational Results a Byproduct of Systemic Economic Exploitation
Shree Ram Chaudhary

Annual exam results have recently been released in Nepal with the scores, like last year, not encouraging for the students, their parents, teachers and principals or education officials. The author notes a link between poor academic performance and the economic struggles of the poor and explains why they are related. [Read more]

Chhali’s Wish
Shree Ram Chaudhary and Bhagi Ram Chaudhary

In the book Sighs of the Conflict: Impact, Coping Mechanisms and Rebuilding of Lives in Dang, the Society for Environment Education Development (SEED) shares the stories of people during the People’s War that began affecting people in Nepal’s Dang District in November 2001. One woman recounts how her life changed one morning in April 2002. [Read more]

Burma Parliament Must Reject Dangerous Religious Conversion Law
Burma Partnership

Burma has faced deadly violence in the name of religion in the past two years. Now it is feared that a law recently introduced into the country’s legislature will add fuel to this communal inferno that has engulfed parts of the country, destroying people’s lives and property. [Read more]

Karen Youth Meet to Celebrate, Reflect and Plan for the Future
Saw Tha War

Karen youth from inside and outside of Burma met in May in Burma’s Karen State for two major gatherings of the Karen people—the Karen Youth Consultation and Karen Youth Organization Silver Jubilee—to discuss their current realities in Burma and in the refugee camps on the Thai-Burma border and to formulate plans to addresses the challenges that they face. The emphasis at both meetings was placed on developing the youth as the future leaders of the Karen people. [Read more]

Ja’far Umar Thalib: ‘I’m Ready for the War against Pluralism’
Febriana Mon

The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta is known as a center of Javanese culture. It is also recognized for its openness and respect for all religious faiths and their followers, an attitude and perspective supported by the local sultan. A recent event in Yogyakarta at which the leader of an intolerant Islamic group, Laskar Jihad, shared his views is now beginning to challenge the city’s reputation, however. [Read more]

The Plight of Child Laborers at Teashops and Restaurants in Pakistan
Bushra Khaliq

To better appreciate the lives of child laborers, the author offers this article describing the experiences and conditions of working children in her country as a way to obverse the World Day against Child Labor on June 12. [Read more]

Sexual Violence: The New Normal in South Asia
Avinash Pandey

People around the world have been shocked about the recent stoning to death of a pregnant woman outside of a High Court building in Pakistan and the hanging of two teenage girls in India after being gang-raped. These tragic examples of abuse and deadly violence against women are sadly not the only incidents of brutality directed at women in South Asia. The author shares his views about why women have become frequent and recurring targets for violence in this part of the region. [Read more]



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