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Consultation papers

Living Our Faiths in Community:
Young People as Peacemakers and Culture Bearers

Hyderabad, India: September 5-11, 2004

Living our Faiths in Community:
Towards Gender Justice and Genuine Partnership of Women and Men

Wongsanit Ashram, Thailand: May 14-19, 2004

Consultation on Inter-Religious Cooperation in Asia
Parapat, Indonesia: April 5-10, 2003


As long as we have Land - Wati Longchar, 2011
Unity in the Face of Empire", August 22-25, 2005
Papua, Land of Peace, June 9, 2005
The Tent of Abraham, Hagar & Sarah: A Multireligious call for Peacemaking, November 21, 2004

Special Issues

Sri Lanka Situation Report 21.10.11



To Seek Peace, Justice and Sustainable Lifestyle: An Interfaith Cooperation in Asia - Publication produced from the Consultation on “Interfaith Cooperation in Asia” which was held April 5-10 2003 in Parapat, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

Our Stories, Our Challenges: The Search for JustPeace in Asia Today

Other Publications:

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Final Report: Justpeace Education for Children and Youth Workshop
Hyderabad, India: November 27-30, 2005

Justpeace Education for Children and Youth Paper
Max Ediger, Hong Kong
Presented Hyderabad, India: November 27-30, 2005

Tsunami Spiritual Retreat
Selesa Hillhomes, Pahang, Malaysia: May 14-20, 2005

Interfaith Cooperation Program (ICP) Plan of Action for 2005 - 2007(Background of Interfaith Cooperation)