School of Peace (SOP)

The School of Peace (SOP) was an idea born out of the Interfaith Cooperation Forum. The first SOP was held in Bangalore, India in 2006. The purpose of the SOP is to encourage engagement between peoples of different faiths in Asia. This is done through bringing together approximately 20 young adults from conflict areas of Asia who share different faith perspectives. Through lectures, exposure visits, and interaction with one another, the participants were able to learn about other faiths, and the importance of living with one another in peace.

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School of Peace 2015

The next SOP will take place in Siem Reap, Cambodia from 1 August - 30 September 2015 and 15 November - 15 December 2015
If you are interested in participating in the SOP 2015, please download the following documents and return the completed form to before 15 May 2015.
SOP 2015 Brochure
SOP 2015 Application form
SOP 2015 Organization Sponsorship form

School of Peace Brochure

School of Peace Brochure (2008)

School of Peace Reports

Final Report 2008
Final Report 2007
Final Report 2006

SOP 2008

Participants' Interfaith Reflections
Essays from Module 1
Essays from Module 2
Essays from Module 3
Photos from SOP 2008

SOP Alumni Reflections

120823 Teacher Shares Knowledge from SOP with Students
110930 A Reflection on Fishing from SOP 2008